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AGAM wins

​Best Sustained Absolute Performance 

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The Axion Global Advantage

Axion Global

Regulated Digital Asset Manager

+ Axion Global Asset Management is approved by the SFC in Hong Kong to manage funds that can invests 100% of the portfolio in virtual assets.
+ Enabling investors to maximize virtual asset exposure without diluting portfolio with non-virtual asset products. 

Secure and Professional

+ The Client's digital assets are held in cold storage and insured at leading custodians to safeguard against loss.

+ A member of Edvance International Holdings Limited (01410.HK), listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

+ Investments are audited and administered professionally according to high governance standards, providing ease of ownership for professional investors.

​Strong Track Record

+ Team of experts with strong track record in digital assets investment. 

+ Proven strategies to outperform the market by prioritizing liquidity, diverse exposure, drawdown protection.

World Class Expert Service Providers

Our partner - Baker McKenzie
Our partner - BitGo
Our partner - Coinbase
Our partner - Mourant
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