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As one of the few licensed virtual asset managers regulated by the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong, our goal is to help Professional Investors navigate the volatile crypto market and achieve their investment objectives without having to compromise on regulatory and risk management standards that they have come to expect when investing in traditional asset classes.

Digital Asset Funds


We manage funds under stringent governance and regulatory standards.  Investing directly in a basket of highly liquid crypto assets and systematically rebalancing exposure periodically, we make crypto investing easy for investors.

Digital Asset Managed Account Service

Our Managed Account Service aims to achieve positive absolute returns by systematically allocating capital to the volatile digital asset markets. It is a proprietary quantitative investment program that uses an integrated multi-strategy approach to dynamically identify and apply different strategies to capture alpha. The system has robust multi-level risk management capabilities and provides customization options for investors.

Digital Asset Fund Distribution

We are licensed to distribute virtual asset funds.  Our investment team source quality virtual asset funds and perform strict due diligence process and evaluation, streamlining the investment process and adding our expertise for our clients.  

We are supported by Expert Service Providers

Our partner - Baker McKenzie
Our partner - BitGo
Our partner - Coinbase
Our partner - Mourant
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