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Axion Global Asset Management Limited (AGAM) would like to alert its clients and the general public of fraudulent websites and social media channels purporting to represent AGAM. We do not promote products and services to the general public or maintain any digital and social media presence other than our official website and LinkedIn

Please stay alert and do not provide personal details to the following fake websites and social media channels:

  • http://agamhk[.]com

  • http://agamllhk[.]com

  • https://www[.]youtube[.]com/@AxionGlobalAssetManagement

  • https://www[.]facebook[.]com/AxionGlobalAssetManagementLimited

  • https://t[.]me/AGAMOfficialChannel

  • https://twitter[.]com/AGAMLimited

AGAM has no connection with these fraudulent websites and social media channels. We have reported the case to the Hong Kong Police Force. If you come across any suspicious accounts or websites that claim to represent our company, please report them to us immediately.

For any enquiry or reporting of suspicious accounts, please contact:

Tel: +852 3198 9400


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